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Watch out for this guy - Beagle - 11-25-2015

Many of you know DISCO a aimbotter who can't be banned, Well what is even worse is a guy named Idle first he tried to pay someone for a aimbot on asgar now he is finding someone else but thats not it he is also name copying...

RE: Watch out for this guy - Halogene - 11-25-2015

I am a bit puzzled what I am supposed to watch out for - someone that does name copying (how dares he!) or someone that stated he'd want to pay someone for programming an aimbot... and how would I recognize that person so I could successfully watch out for the guy?

RE: Watch out for this guy - SPLAT - 11-25-2015

Thanks for the heads up Beagle

RE: Watch out for this guy - Beagle - 11-25-2015

He wants to Ruin an Open Source Game and impress other by talking trash and wanting a 1v1

Well you will see him mostly in the nights and noon he will be hiding under names talking trash or not with the name Idle he will always change....

RE: Watch out for this guy - Smilecythe - 11-26-2015

Oh I know Idle, he's challenged me to 1v1 twice (on lolstagib ctf) after little bit of MLG-style trash talk and lost both times, second time he left mid game saying he was too drunk. I don't particularly and personally buy the excuse because I'm more often drunk than sober when I play. You have to be so wasted that you can't even read for it to make a physical difference to your performance. However if you're high then that's another story.

RE: Watch out for this guy - Halogene - 11-26-2015

Had an encounter with a fakenicker today, too, but he was so bad at impersonating me that I had to teach him how to properly do it (never use colors in chat, chat a lot, always be friendly and help other people learn the game, and so on...). I had a lot of fun ;o)