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Hagar Idea - VertX - 12-17-2015

When using the secondary trigger on the hagar, the weapon gets loaded with 4 shells, and when held down for a period of time, the weapon automatically fires the ammunition. How about instead, the weapon overloads and backfires on the player, causing damage? Would be a cool touch.

RE: Hagar Idea - Smilecythe - 12-17-2015

It often does backfire already, you might launch them off to a nearby wall and eat all that splash.

RE: Hagar Idea - Ploplo - 12-20-2015

I can attest to the backfire... happened yesterday when playing against special during the cup (although it's part cause of packet loss).
It did hurt me quite a bit to say the least Big Grin

RE: Hagar Idea - rafallus - 12-28-2015

Tip: you can press primary while holding secondary rockets to cancel loading. That specifically prevents such situations.

RE: Hagar Idea - [*Mr.Chri$*] - 01-02-2016

Why backfire shoots Angry? It won't be so funny, even 'cause the RJ already exist with rocket launchers, Hagar and laser, then .....