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Hey there guys! - Tattorack - 01-15-2016

Hi there! I'm new! I started playing Xonotic........... practically right now, actually XD
This game is actually pretty cool and brings me right back when I played Star Trek Hazard Force Holodeck matches.
(I know its technically based on Quake, but I never played Quake ^^; )
Now, I got one burning question:
How does one switch to another character model?
I see a whole bunch of character models in game, and even more online around and about scattered randomly, but completly no instructions and/or documentation on how to actually go about changing them.
Also, is there a centralised place where I can see user uploaded player models?

Thanks in advance for any help ^^

RE: Hey there guys! - Mirio - 01-15-2016


The model question kind of surprises me, but you find it at Multiplayer -> Player profile.
You can also set funky colors to your nick name there. Wink

RE: Hey there guys! - aa - 01-15-2016

Welcome! Have fun!

RE: Hey there guys! - Halogene - 01-15-2016

Hi and welcome to Xonotic! Check out the Newbie Corner for tipps and tricks!

RE: Hey there guys! - Smilecythe - 01-16-2016

You can force enemy models to be the same as you too. I recommend using Mega Erebus model because it's the brightest, illustrates the size of the hitbox the best and because Xonotic is not a game where visual confusion is valued.

Here's good example of different models blending in to the environment easily: http://www.xonotic.org/m/uploads/2013/09/forceplayers-double.png

This is basically not something you can exploit, because most players have bright models for opponents. So you might as well not shoot yourself in the feet by having hard to see models.