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Textures before or after? - hellmind - 06-17-2010

This is a question to mappers, do you guys texture your map during the solid (solids as in walls floors e.g.) production of it? Or do you make all the solids and then texture it?


RE: Textures before or after? - Sepelio - 06-17-2010

Depends on how I feel. Generally I get the basic layout of the map done and then go on to doing the whole texturing/detail stage.

RE: Textures before or after? - Rad Ished - 06-21-2010

If you can texture parts of it as you make it, it saves a lot of time because i usually make a map by duplicating elements. So if you texture as you construct you can save a lot of time. However this can get you into trouble with caulking, where you end up with hidden textured faces.
Depends what you're making, I don't get too hung up on caulking these days anyway.