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Single player: Enabling Cheats? - hack-wizard - 01-20-2016

Note: I'm not talking about anything on a multilayer server, I despise cheating when it involves other players.

Ok, so I occasionally like to play around with cheat codes in Single player games ... but no matter what I do it just won't let me do it at all! And yes, I've even tried using
sendcvar sv_cheats "0"
and such other similar commands, but that just isn't working at all!

What do I need to change or what command must I type to enable cheats in a single player game?

RE: Single player: Enabling Cheats? - Mirio - 01-20-2016

sv_cheats 1 Tongue

1 turns stuff on, 0 turns it off.

But you either have to restart the map or set it before start the map. Does not need "sendcvar".