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Top 5 Black Metal Albums 2005-2015 - SnowblindPariah - 01-20-2016

Well friends, a decade has passed already, and within the past ten years tons of black metal artists have released their works into the public to enjoy.
We'll be looking at albums from 2005 - 2015.
But only five of these works of the passed ten years are worthy of making this list, so lets hop right in!

5: Petrychor - Dryad

.jpg   5.jpg (Size: 81.94 KB / Downloads: 49)

Released in 2010, We have a magnificent atmospheric album From Petrychor. This work will surly bring you into a whole nother world. While listening to this album I could only think of nothing besides barbaric worriers, evil wizards, and nightmarish monsters.
The tracks in this album flow solidly with a non-minimalist approach.
This album works to make as much noise as possible, with only a few breaks to give your ears (and head) mercy.
As for the vocals, they were sadly faint and hard to hear, but they blend in perfectly enough for it to be passed.

4: Xexyz - Primeval Mountain

Well, well, well! what do we have here? 8 bit black metal? Count me in!
Released in 2008, a one man project known as Xexyz (named after the infamous game) released Primeval Mountain.
This album of raw 8 bit madness can be taken comically and ironically.
The instrumentals are ripped from video games from long passed times, one of the tracks being the castlevania theme. Vocals are Raw as hell!
Give this one a listen if you are a kvlt gamer! You will defiantly enjoy this one

3: Wold - Postsocial

.jpg   3.jpg (Size: 187.43 KB / Downloads: 49)

Noise, Drone, Black metal!
I would recommend listening to this in a dark room, alone in the cold for a true experience.
I never knew that music could be so cold. Released in 2014, Wold shoves out the coldest black metal album possibly ever.
I can't explain this album without ruining the experience. It's best to go in on this one clueless of what to expect. Trust me, it's better this way.

2: Öxxö Xööx - Nämïdäë

Released in 2015, the masters behind Igorrr and Corpo Mente unveil their second album of their Flamboyant gothic black metal project (A lot of doom metal influence for warning.)

Now this was a hard pic between Öxxö Xööx's first release and this, but Nämïdäë takes the cake when it comes to melody, vocals, and composition.
Vocals are sung in the bands secretive language, but once translated, they seem to be telling the story of an earth far different than ours. This earth is beaten raw, and is a place of non stop depression. A lot of pagan views seem to be put forth to the lyrics for the tree of life is brought up quite a few times in this album.

Also their corpse paint is badass.

1: Idolater - Black Sexual Blasphemy

This album, its concept, its vocals, its ideas are all crazy... and I love it!
In the year of 2010, the idolater had released his first album... Well it's not as much as an album as it is a 30 minute song, but still. Idolater its bringing some pretty big guns on the black metal platter. The noisy atmosphere of this album will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. The guitars are the most notable noise in this album. They bring a new noise to the ever evolving black metal genre.

The vocals are unlike anything that I have ever heard. They were chilling and put me through a lot of emotions at once. The way this man sings is more than just a song, it's a story. He gets into it to, and I mean I N T O it. The idolater probably ruined his voice for good after recording this one. When he screams, he means it, when he laughs, they're legit.

The song flow solidly and it is impossible to find a track not to headbang to,
If this album becomes big, it will without a doubt influence and change the black metal scene. Black Sexual Blasphemy is an absolute 10/10 and nothing could possibly top it!

Thanks for viewing this list Xonotic fans! I hope you enjoyed it.

RE: Top 5 Black Metal Albums 2005-2015 - Paingwin - 10-01-2017

Huh, never heard any of these! I'm gonna have to look into them! Here are my top 5 of 2005-2015. Be forewarned - I'm not that kvlt (I'll listen to the raw, simplistic stuff and like it but it'll never reach my top 5):

5: Anthelion – 沐血再臨: Anthelion, quite unfortunately, was put on hold the year I'm writing this (2017) as their writer and one of the original members left the band. The band itself hasn't received much attention, perhaps because they hail from Taiwan, a country that most might not even care about, especially when it comes to black metal. But don't ignore this! Anthelion is brutal and unforgiving, but combined with just a small amount of symphonics, the album also gives off a gloomy feel. Shame they only made one other album after this, which, in my opinion, was worse. (2007, Taiwan, Ultimate Music)

4: Death Karma - The History of Death and Burial Rituals Part I: It's a very unique album, as it stems its influence from, well, you guessed it, ancient burial rituals. The band does their best to truly incorporate the vibes from such procedures into their music. It's dark, evil, but oddly exotic, and it works. (2015, Czech Republic, Iron Bonehead Productions)

3: Cult of Fire – मृत्यु का तापसी अनुध्यान: Cult of Fire made waves in the BM scene when they released this masterpiece. According to the website, a lot of research went into this album, as the band studied Hindu culture, practiced ritualistic chants, and talked to those who had been to the country in order to truly get the feel for the inspiration they were trying to convey. And it paid off. Damn, did it pay off. Not only does this have the most beautiful artwork out of this top 5 (though props to Death Karma), it really makes you feel like you're part of this religion. (2013, Czech Republic, Iron Bonehead Productions)

2: Batushka - Litourgiya: This album BARELY makes the cut, being released in DECEMBER of 2015. So what makes it so good? Batushka were so creative they took massive influence from Christian Orthodox churches, and then used it to make something Anti-Christian. Not that there's anything wrong with Christianity in my opinion, but I love how it's so ironic, yet at the same time they pulled it off so well. They expertly conveyed the solemn atomsphere of giant, looming, mysterious churches and, with inverted Orthodox chants, combined it with black metal and a touch of doom metal. I'd love to especially credit whoever does the vocals, both clean and harsh, but nobody knows who these people are. There have been some rumors that they are well-reputed Polish black metallers. Behemoth? Mgła? Hermh? Who knows? But one shouldn't really care. The music is amazing. (2015, Poland, Witching Hour Productions)

1: Carach Angren - Death Came Through a Phantom Ship/Where the Corpses Sink Forever: I KNOW this band has to be #1 for me; the problem is, which album? Both are more successful in certain parts, so I guess I'll start with what's consistent. This is a symphonic black metal trio that are really into horror storytelling. Each one of their albums is conceptual and revolves around a certain story: Death Came Through a Phantom Ship is about The Flying Dutchman, and Where the Corpses Sink Forever deals with the horrors and atrocities of WWII. Each of the tracks are quite memorable, and while the use of symphonics might turn some off, I think that ultimately they helped the albums shine. Namtar is an incredible drummer, and Seregor's screaming vocals are some of the most brutal yet, but more importantly, they are also some of the most understandable out there. Now which album is better? Well, I like DCTaPS a little more just because the storyline is much easier to follow and is more of a storyline, while WtCSF is a bunch of stories that eventually connect, and I don't like the latter way of storytelling as much as the former. At the same time, WtCSF was so scary and violent that some songs I had to skip because I felt uncomfortable listening to the lyrical theme. And that's honestly what makes a black metal album good (but fret not, the other album did that well, only to a lesser extent). (Netherlands, DCTaPS is 2010 by Maddening Media, WtCSF is 2012 by Season of Mist)

An honorable mention goes to Gallowbraid - Ashen Eidolon, which would have been #4 if it wasn't an EP.