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Skins for misc_model - Z(Rus) - 01-23-2016

I have 5 different models of bushes and there are lots of simple textures.
possible to to connect the same model different textures?

I found in the settings of misc_model _skin key (_skin : skin of model to include), how to include texture? something needs to prescribe in the model, or that it is necessary to prescribe in the shader?

RE: Skins for misc_model - poVoq - 01-29-2016

My crumbling old memory from mapping Quake3 suggests that for models you can just do different shaders that reference the same model but different textures and those show up in Radiant as different mapmodels.
I think I did that for my old tree models, see here:

RE: Skins for misc_model - Mario - 01-30-2016

Take a look at what the stock models do for this;
the model's .skin file specifies the textures used, based on the model's original texture name, e.g. xonotic-maps.pk3/models/xonotic_jumppad01/xonotic_jumppad01.md3 and its .skin files.

RE: Skins for misc_model - Z(Rus) - 01-30-2016

2 Mario:
tnx looks i understand how to work it)

2 poVoq:
interesting site)