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Hello to everyone - Dominick - 01-28-2016

Hello guys! Let me introduce myself. I'm Dominick, i'm 20 years old and i joined to this game only a few weeks ago, but i very like this game! I'm a top player of Serious Sam HD and i really like FPSArena games. I'm good also on Quake Live, Quake 3, UT2004 and Painkiller. I hope to find other people that, like me, are in love with this kind of games Cool Wink

I wanna congrats to the developers and ALL staff members that contributed about the making of this game because is VERY good!! Go ahead on this way, you rock guys!!

See you in game Cool

Cheers! Wink


RE: Hello to everyone - Mirio - 01-28-2016


Join IRC QuakeNet #xonotic.pickup Wink

RE: Hello to everyone - Dominick - 01-28-2016

i'll join there ASAP Wink Cool

RE: Hello to everyone - Halogene - 01-28-2016

Hi and welcome! Also check out the Newbie Corner for movement, weapons and configuration!

RE: Hello to everyone - Beagle - 01-29-2016


RE: Hello to everyone - rad dj flimflam - 01-31-2016

Hi http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=6011

RE: Hello to everyone - Dominick - 03-10-2016

Ahahaha let's play togheter to check the reason why i have these stats so Wink

RE: Hello to everyone - SPLAT - 03-10-2016

Welcome. Like Mirio said, join #xonotic.pickup for pickup games. Easiest way to find a quick game and judge someone else's skill Tongue

RE: Hello to everyone - thearcoN - 03-12-2016

Welcome Dominick!

As mentioned above, #xonotic.pickup for pickup games.

RE: Hello to everyone - Islinn - 03-12-2016