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Hockey - Beagle - 02-15-2016

Match of Nexuiz hockey: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrg-uV-zCNc

RE: Hockey - thimo - 02-16-2016

haha, time for finland vs canada @ xonotic ice hockey!

RE: Hockey - cefiar - 02-16-2016

Just weird that it looks like they've taken the Xonotic models and put them into Nexuiz. *sigh*

RE: Hockey - Beagle - 02-16-2016

Yup exactly what they did even some sounds and models eh can't remember.

RE: Hockey - axisar - 09-09-2016

Hey all. it seems what server with this mod available in xonotic(BNSE server(found link here http://rexuiz.top/ )) atm. We actually can make
Quote:haha, time for finland vs canada @ xonotic ice hockey!
Who is up for it? Big Grin
P.S. I think its easy to find admin and make some matches.

RE: Hockey - vega - 09-09-2016

eLeMenT has a nexball server and i don't think they would mind hosting some hokey as well Smile


RE: Hockey - axisar - 09-09-2016

vega, tbh, default nexball sux. but nexball mod (with bloody hockey and mortar soccer) on bnse awesome imo.

RE: Hockey - PinkRobot - 09-10-2016

Default nexball is awesome if you know how to play it. On the other hand it could use a little more ball control in the football version and stealing the ball in basketball is too easy at the moment.

AFAIK Nexball was never meant as a fragmode and it's exactly why I do no really enjoy the servers that allow that.

RE: Hockey - axisar - 09-10-2016

yea yea, i got it in blocking thread. noone on forum cares about it. maybe because its only devs forum...

RE: Hockey - PinkRobot - 09-10-2016

You are annoying. I got that much from the blocking thread too.

RE: Hockey - Mario - 09-10-2016

The only dev around here is me, so you're welcome to cut the player vs devs act.