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VIP gamemode? - Brot - 03-08-2016

Is there a way to play VIP?

I loved the nexuiz rifle vip server Smile

RE: VIP gamemode? - axisar - 03-08-2016

VIP is only Nexuiz|Vecxis RM feature.

P.S. It was available in 1.6 stable and afair akari removed it from current version

RE: VIP gamemode? - Brot - 03-08-2016


RE: VIP gamemode? - Beagle - 03-08-2016

We used to have it but it was a custom gamemode on SMB Dallas long ago.

RE: VIP gamemode? - Mario - 03-08-2016

Indeed, the mode used to be a part of my mod, but during a rewrite of the mod, I didn't port the VIP mode across (it hadn't seen any use in about a year by that point, saw no reason to keep maintaining it).
If there is interest in it though, perhaps it can be brought back...

RE: VIP gamemode? - BuddyFriendGuy - 03-17-2016

Can somebody explain what VIP mode is like?

RE: VIP gamemode? - Mario - 03-17-2016

VIP is a bit like keep away with teams; Each team has a "VIP" (Very Important Player) with CA-style extra health and armour. When a team's VIP dies, the round ends and a new VIP is picked.
Winning team is of course the one with the least VIP deaths.

RE: VIP gamemode? - BuddyFriendGuy - 03-21-2016

This sounds very fun. Like protecting the king or something. I for one would love this back.

RE: VIP gamemode? - Beagle - 03-21-2016

There is a lightsaber mod it'll be pretty fun when it's a 10v10 with other players Smile