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No Man's Sky - kojn^ - 03-17-2016

So, what are people's thought's on this and who is looking at getting it? Smile


RE: No Man's Sky - Smilecythe - 03-17-2016

No, man.

RE: No Man's Sky - kojn^ - 03-17-2016

Great input as always Smilecythe Big Grin

RE: No Man's Sky - The mysterious Mr. 4m - 03-18-2016

Quote:"The game is scheduled to be released worldwide in June 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows."

Not interested. Though, the "infinite procedurally generated galaxy" sounds intriguing.

RE: No Man's Sky - Smilecythe - 03-19-2016

I might give it a try once i switch to my new toaster. Been meaning to play at least one of these kinds of games, this could very well be it. Space has always inspired me even in fictional form.