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XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - Mirio - 03-30-2016

After months of duel it's time for 4v4 TDM!

It will be a draft cup, which means there gonna be a captain for each team and they pick players one by one (similar to #xonotic.pickup). This way balanced teams should be created and bring some fun for any skilled player.

Anyone aborad all skill levels is obviously allowed to take part in this!
I would recommend to at least install TeamSpeak for this event, even if you don't have a microphone.

Quick facts:
- 4v4 TDM (XPM)
- Servers: WTWRP, pacman
- Timelimit: 20
- Fraglimit: 0
- Modus: Round Robin or Double Elimination (depends on amount of teams we can get)
- Mappool: Atelier, Bromine, Deep Inside, Dreadful Place, Grudge, Monstrosity, Rush
- Date/time: Saturday, 2nd April 2016 19:00 CEST [UTC+2] (1:00 PM EDT; 3:00 AM AEDT) // http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/
- VoIP: | devfull.de (TeamSpeak) [each team will get a protected channel]
- Admins: Mirio, packer
- Skill level: any

Just join #xonotic.cup (IRC, QuakeNet) at the given date if you want to participate. No registration somewhere needed! // https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=xonotic.cup

If you wonder where to practise 4v4 TDM, just come to #xonotic.pickup (IRC, QuakeNet - https://webchat.quakenet.org/?channels=xonotic.pickup ) and play with us. Everyone is welcomed. Smile

gl hf

- I will create some backup plans in case we won't get enough players for a reasonable amount of teams (2v2 TDM Draft is on the list; DM or Keepaway), so we will have a cup FOR SURE.

[Image: tdm.png]

[Image: yR5U8qwm.jpg][Image: VXfZsjKm.jpg][Image: 5DQXKRIm.jpg][Image: Hh3YqJFm.jpg][Image: jz6X1pTm.jpg][Image: eZKJmYDm.jpg][Image: D4whTPlm.jpg]

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - SpiKe - 03-30-2016

I'm in

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - SilenceKiller - 03-30-2016

I'm in too

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - SPLAT - 03-30-2016


RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - dekrY - 03-30-2016

I want it to stretch for miles pls

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - N1mbus - 03-31-2016

yey I already know 2 of 7 maps Big Grin

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - Islinn - 03-31-2016

Not sure if I am able to play =(

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - Ch4mp - 03-31-2016

im in if mirio unbans me Big Grin who wanna make a team with me? Big Grin

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - Finko - 03-31-2016

DAMN CYKA BLEAT, i can play almost every saturday, but not at 2nd april :C

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - thearcoN - 03-31-2016

I'm in

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - Mirio - 04-02-2016

1. SPLAT, Duster, Tommy, Ramses
2. SpiKe, PayTheBill (/kwakkie), SilenceKiller (/sawa), thearcoN
3. packer, Slava, Freddy, matuka
4. Mirio, Lightbringer, proraide, dekrY



RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - thearcoN - 04-02-2016

ggs! We should do this again in the nearest future!

RE: XQC #78 (4v4 TDM/Draft) - SilenceKiller - 04-02-2016

ggs yeah you are right thearcon Smile