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Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - AlexC - 04-11-2016

Hi all.

Because in IRC i didn't get any response about the Instagib Cup, I write it here as well and discuss it.

So my plan is a Saturday Instagib Cup (every Saturday if we got enough players), I will be organize it.

Just got a few questions which is important.

1. How many players MAX in 1 team? (3v3, 4v4, 5v5)
2. Which maps will be played? Or even random maps what is provided by the server?
3. Any other questions discuss it here, or IRC.

Cheers boys.


RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - dekrY - 04-11-2016

For itdm, 3v3 is plenty in my opinion. Since there are no items or weps to control, its not as a positional game and more players would add chaos and more randomness to the game. If not a lot of players will sign up, you can even reduce it down to 2v2, which will still be perfect. I can give it a try! I will poke my mates about this as well, they are pretty sick nex fags Smile

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - AlexC - 04-11-2016

Agreed for 3v3.

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - Finko - 04-11-2016

It will be without hook?

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - Matuka - 04-11-2016

No space maps and no hook, thanks.

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - Smilecythe - 04-11-2016

As much as I dislike hook, the playerbase for hookless instagib doesn't really exist. Pretty much everyone who's into Xonotic instagib is in it partially for the hook as well.

I would also favor 2v2 instead of 3v3. The difficulty to organize and schedule three people teams grows exponentially from two people teams, considering that this game is not exactly packed with players in first place.

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - Lightbringer - 04-12-2016

Maybe we should see how many players sign up before making a final decision on 3v3 vs 2v2.

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - Mirio - 04-14-2016

Set up a date and see how many players show up and then decide the teamsize. Also it's easier to create teams then.

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - dekrY - 04-22-2016

uhm. bump? Are you still doing it AlexC?

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - AlexC - 04-23-2016

bump: http://challonge.com/xonig

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - AlexC - 04-23-2016

Well, depends how many people coming, it should 2vs2 matches, if we running over 20 people, turns 3vs3 matches, single elimination.
Maplist: docking station, xoylent, finalrage, stormkeep, space elevator.

People MUST check in here: http://challonge.com/xonig

Stay tuned on IRC: QuakeNet @ #xonotic.cup

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - N1mbus - 04-23-2016

I'll spread the news when the insta-ctf servers are full Big Grin

RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - kwakkiezalf - 04-23-2016

Great idea guys,

But lets make sure we get the right settings, and game play. This means both hook and space maps should be considered.

I will spread the news and join in. Must say that Sunday is a more populated insta day.


RE: Xonotic Instagib Cup #1 - kult - 04-23-2016

Still possible to join in ?
Count me in then Wink