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[CTF] Handonctf - kwakkiezalf - 04-13-2016

Hi again,

Just finished another ctf map, based on the dm map hands of god. I made it into a ctf map. Check it out and can be played on element server.

Map download link here

RE: [CTF] Handonctf - SilenceKiller - 04-13-2016

nice one

RE: [CTF] Handonctf - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-21-2016

Great job! It's simple and clean, and very player friendly. I like the visual style, too.

It's available on bfg pickup server.

I wonder whether anyone can figure out a way to jump across the gap and make a video. I tried a few times (laser jump, rocket jump, etc.) but my skill level just isn't high enough.

The attached is taken from bottom up. In the game, you'll have to run through the opaque window.

.png   Handonctf2.png (Size: 163.74 KB / Downloads: 61)

RE: [CTF] Handonctf - Beagle - 04-22-2016

BuddyFriendGuy, I'll join bfg later on when you're on and I'll help you.

RE: [CTF] Handonctf - kwakkiezalf - 04-22-2016

thx for the feedback guys,

Buddy, try hard, u can jump it.