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Xonotic zip file has virus. - djdu1018 - 04-15-2016

I tried to download this to play but Avira blocked it and said this file is harmful, even download webpage is also harmful.

Does an administrator already knows that? When is this be fixed?

RE: Xonotic zip file has virus. - SPLAT - 04-15-2016

Its a false positive.

RE: Xonotic zip file has virus. - cefiar - 04-16-2016

Just downloaded using the link on the front page (on Linux) and ran it through ClamAV. It finds nothing.

Running some of the *.exe's though VirusTotal seems to result xonotic-x86.exe being picked up by Rising. Mainly seems to be because it's a portable executable. Even the non-cloud version of Avira doesn't pick it up, so I suspect it's using Rising in the cloud back-end and that's how it's getting the false positive. I didn't run the .zip through VirusTotal as it's got a file size limit of 128M.

AV used: Rising
Detected as: PE:Malware.RDM.02!5.8 [F]
AV Update used: 20160416

As Splat said, this appears to be a false positive.

Note: Exact same file (same SHA256 hash) run through VirusTotal 7 months ago, nothing picked up.