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using the Xolonium font - TheGoodGamer - 04-22-2016


i'm not sure if i'm in the rigth forum. So maybe a moderator has to move it. I'm writing a small query tool for Xonotic, like a gamebrowser. The informations i got back from the query are shown in listviews. I use the "fonts\xolonium-regular.otf" font and a selfmade ttf-font which replaces the glyphs of "conchars.jpg" to draw the player names. To do the utf8 stuff i used the code in "utf8lib.c".

Most playernames are shown the right way as in the game. But when the name is like Shy which is in hex "\xF0\x9F\x98\x83" i don't get the right symbol drawn. I checked the result when calling "getnchar_utf8_enabled", it is 0x0001f603. In the „xolonium-regular.otf“ file it is the right codepoint for the glyph. But how can i draw a WCHAR bigger then 0xffff. So what is the trick to draw this symbol right? I use DrawTextW(...) to do the itemdrawing in my listview.

RE: using the Xolonium font - sev - 04-22-2016

This has not much to do with the font.

AFAIK, wchar is expected to be UTF-16 encoded.
In that case, characters beyond U+FFFF require two 16-bit code units.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-16#U.2B10000_to_U.2B10FFFF

Example character:
Unicode: 1F603
UTF-8: F0 9F 98 83
UTF-16: D83D DE03

RE: using the Xolonium font - TheGoodGamer - 04-22-2016

Thank you very much! This was the solution, it works now.

RE: using the Xolonium font - Freddy - 04-22-2016

I don't know what exactly your query tool is supposed to do, but I recently started a Xonotic launcher app (http://forums.xonotic.org/showthread.php?tid=6057) which queries the dp-masterserver for a server list. Depending on your goals, maybe we can join these two projects.

Let me know if you're interested

RE: using the Xolonium font - TheGoodGamer - 04-23-2016


thx for your offer. My proggy is a dll plugin for Firefox. It is based on this code:


or here


I only added some code to show Xonotic servers. So the only improvements i did, was the name color drawing for xonotic, the rest was more or less allready in the code. So i think its not enough to join with your project, but thx anyway.