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[FFA] Labyrinth - SpiKe - 04-22-2016


Here's a simple & non-serious map, shaped like a maze with 2 floors Big Grin
Good luck finding your way in its corridors!

Current version is LABYRINTH_V2: https://www.dropbox.com/s/l9a2rsuqgjsp3hc/labyrinth_v2.pk3?dl=1

[Image: 1461343197.jpg] - [Image: 1461343306.jpg] - [Image: 1461343388.jpg]

RE: [FFA] Labyrinth - Mirio - 04-22-2016

<XSAX> dont fuck mi brain kid )))

RE: [FFA] Labyrinth - SpiKe - 04-23-2016

Small update Big Grin :

- changed the layout a tiny bit (by moving one of the warpzones)
- moved away the Mega Armor from the map origin (as it produced lags, known bug in Xonotic)

The download link was updated in the first post.