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Need Server help! - Beagle - 04-27-2016

1. Where do I find the installation page for making a server?

2. Should I use git or 0.8.1?

3. How do I block a player model so it can't be used by any one else except me, or how do I force everyone's model to Mega Erebus?

Thanks for your help - Beagle

RE: Need Server help! - Freddy - 04-27-2016

1. There is a "readme.txt" in the "server" folder

2. Depends if you want bleeding edge features and are willing to risk game breaking bugs.

3. I don't know if you can block player models, but you can force everyone's model to mega erebus with
sv_defaultplayermodel models/player/megaerebus.iqm
sv_defaultcharacter 1

RE: Need Server help! - Beagle - 04-27-2016

Thanks Freddy and how do I make people op or deop them?

RE: Need Server help! - Beagle - 04-27-2016

RIP this thread.