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[solved] caulk dilemma - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-28-2016

Hi all,

I'm converting another map from World of Padman to Xonotic and I need some help understand how caulk affects lighting.

The whole map is enclosed in a custom texture called black sky. It's nothing but black. All good.

Right underneath the sky ceiling, there was a thin layer of common/botclip (I converted it to common/caulk). I have no idea why the original author put that thin layer of caulk there. That layer is actually undesirable for Xonotic because the players can then place the hook onto the sky ceiling.

So I removed that layer, but then all my ground surfaces' colors became saturated, like this:


If I put the layer back, it looks normal, like this:


I definitely don't want hooks to be attachable on the ceiling. What shall I do to fix the colors?

RE: caulk dilemma - Mario - 04-28-2016

We have a botclip shader, but it should be noted that caulk is more than just an invisible wall; it still blocks vis, and by the looks of it, lights as well.
The saturated lighting would be due to the black sky shader producing too much light, it should be fixed there rather than using cheap tricks.

RE: caulk dilemma - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-30-2016

Thanks, Mario. That fixed the problem. It wasn't the original author's cheap fix -- he had that layer for other purposes (players could touch the ceiling).