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F10 (Quit) and Escape - Jar-El - 06-04-2016

I want to make the following suggestion:

When I press F10 (quit) by mistake in the middle of the game, I get the Yes/No box. I don't want to quit so I press Escape, but now instead of returning to the game, I get the SinglePlayer/Multiplayer/Settings screen. It's also hard to see which button is selected and it takes too much time to click on it with the mouse because I'm still playing.
Can you please change that Escape in the Quit menu will return to where you were before?


RE: F10 (Quit) and Escape - sev - 06-04-2016

I have never pressed F10 by accident during a game.
How does that happen?

Anyway, I suggest to just bind it to another key.
Either in data/config.cfg, or in-game with

bind SOMEKEY "quit"

Problem solved.

RE: F10 (Quit) and Escape - Jar-El - 06-04-2016

I have F9 bound for kill, same as in another game. Maybe this is not the most practical indeed.
It's not that important, I can rebind kill. Still I thought it would make sense that Escape would exit the quit menu as if you didn't press F10.

RE: F10 (Quit) and Escape - Beagle - 06-04-2016

If I was you, I would rebind kill.

RE: F10 (Quit) and Escape - BuddyFriendGuy - 06-04-2016

Thanks, Jar-El. That request makes sense. You can create an issue, bug report, or feature request, although please don't feel discouraged if it doesn't get implemented soon enough.