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Lava Sound - Ch4mp - 06-09-2016

Could you please remove the lava sound, it's terribly annoying to me.

RE: Lava Sound - SPLAT - 06-09-2016

You could just delete it in your pk3 files

RE: Lava Sound - Beagle - 06-09-2016

Just delete it in your pk3 file.

RE: Lava Sound - dekrY - 06-10-2016

Yes, because it's annoying chimp, let's delete the lava sound for everybody now.

RE: Lava Sound - Islinn - 06-10-2016

You already don't hear when enemies pick up a cell (referring to the video where Boomboom was hiding) and now you want something else which can tell you where your opponent is removed?


RE: Lava Sound - Beagle - 06-11-2016

In my preference, I'd prefer an Asian Xonotic Announcer and a different lava sound Smile