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New player - Iokast - 06-30-2016

Hi, I'm a new player. Heard of Xonotic mentioned here and there, but never really played it until recently. Played fast paced arena shooters before, but for a year or so I played mostly non-FPS games, so I'm in the process of getting my aim back.

RE: New player - Smilecythe - 06-30-2016

Welcome, I think i'll sum up the game quick so it doesn't come as a surprise later.

You could have the best accuracy in the world and still lose if the opponent(s) has all the armor/health while you have none. Mega health and Mega armor spawn 30 seconds after they've been picked up. You can (and should) use the match timer for reference when timing for their respawn. From the outside Xonotic might seem like a run and gun shooter, but most of the metagame circles around the tactics/schemes relating to resource control.

You move/accelerate faster if you curve in ground/air and by bunnyhopping (hold jump) you can maintain this speed. A lot of veterans might appear to go faster even if they have as much space to jump around in as you.

Spawn killing is also part of the metagame, especially in 1v1. Your next spawn can in most cases be predicted based on where your opponent(s) is at the moment when you spawn.

Most of this is ofc irrelevant if you're playing modes like Instagib or Clan Arena, those are more casual/simple to play.

Here's Halogene's guide for various features: http://xonotic.org/posts/2014/halogenes-newbie-corner-comprehensive-tutorial/

RE: New player - Halogene - 06-30-2016

Hi and welcome to Xonotic! Hope to see you online - if you are looking for organized matches (mostly vanilla), check out #xonotic.pickup on quakenet IRC.

RE: New player - kwakkiezalf - 06-30-2016

Hi and welcome to xono,

Make sure to visit no.1 server [Lnmt] for some capture the flag action!



RE: New player - Muleke_Trairao - 06-30-2016

Welcome to one of the best arena shooters around! Hope you have a lot of fun with the game Wink

RE: New player - Mirio - 06-30-2016


RE: New player - Beagle - 06-30-2016