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Bookmarking in 21th century - shogun_assassin - 07-19-2016

I bookmark lots of stuff. Sometimes I remember seeing something that I'd like to try/read but I've hard time finding it because hierachical bookmark organization is almost worthless.

What do you use to quickly retrieve what you want?

I wish I could just tell google "This is a nice reference of the tool I like and it has this nice example which I'd like to review later to increase my productivity!" and later ask it "What was that page I read about doing this stuff in this tool?". I realize Google aspires to a service that will know all this and properly answer my questions but it won't be 100% perfect. Content can be killed by DCMA, it may not 100% understand what I want (because I can't add my own keywords), my query can be too wide and even though I know exact specific thing (the page) I want, Google will reply with some global top ranked stuff, it can leak... leaks into where I don't want it.

I found https://www.scrible.com/ but it's not perfect (crappy browser integration, searching by (my) multiple keywords requires Pro plan).

EIDT: OK, Firefox has it, nevermind... Not perfect, but far better than Chrom* (this is inferior https://github.com/yguan/bookmark-tagging)