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LMNT server BACK UP //// - kwakkiezalf - 07-24-2016


BAD news, I had to put LMNT server down because of DISCO. He has been bugging our server for ages, and today again so many people complained. I banned him like 1000 times, but he was using different IP's all the time and logging in with multiple clients voting to kick me, which he did.

Sorry guys......

I am fed up of him spoiling Xonotic with all his scripting. I put in money to host our server, which is most used.

If there are some smart guys how to solve this, let me know.


RE: LMNT server down! - end user - 07-24-2016

Can't you just ban 87.* in game and at the server level? he's probably renewing his IP on his modem if he's changing it but looks like he's still using his ISP's ip all the time.

RE: LMNT server down! - kwakkiezalf - 07-24-2016

end user,

In this example he is, but in other cases he changes IP's all over the place...(not only in 87 range, also in 82, 107, and many more...)


RE: LMNT server down! - end user - 07-24-2016

Wonder is there is a way to block proxies https://perishablepress.com/how-to-block-proxy-servers-via-htaccess/

RE: LMNT server down! - Freddy - 07-24-2016

DOS attacks are illegal, you can report this to his ISP. Hopefully they put him down

RE: LMNT server down! - end user - 07-24-2016

I would send the DOS logs to your server provider, they probably have a better chance of getting thought to the ISP.

inetnum: -
netname: TELECOM-ADSL-7
descr: Telecom Italia S.p.A. TIN EASY LITE

So that's a ADSL line which could be his or open wifi in his neighbour hood.

RE: LMNT server down! - Halogene - 07-24-2016

It's not a DOS attack.

RE: LMNT server down! - end user - 07-24-2016

Well don't leave a one line reply, might as well explain what is going on to those who don't.

RE: LMNT server down! - Halogene - 07-24-2016


DOS attacks are Denial Of Service attacks. They consist of rapid sequences of requests to the attacked server in a frequency that the server can't answer them all in time. This leads to the server not being able to answer third party's requests, leaving the impression that it is down. DOS attacks are easy to detect, because all malicious requests come from the same IP, which is why people usually go for Distributed Denial Of Service attacks (DDOS) nowadays.

Here we only have a few connects to be able to win a vote. The server is totally able to handle that :o)

Couldn't you disallow mutliple connects from the same IP? Or would that hit too many innocent players?

RE: LMNT server down! - end user - 07-24-2016

How many IP's is he using? Did you check the WHOIS on the IP's? If he's using proxies and VPS seems you can block that (never done it before but there's lots of into online about it) I would block all Italy for now and see if he comes back if not then he's just using one ISP or open wifi's

RE: LMNT server down! -> Test up again, but work to be done - kwakkiezalf - 07-26-2016

HEY folks,

Good news, really good news!

After the climax on our LMNT server with abuse-trollers, flooders and cheaters, I took down our server. After my talks to Mario on the subject, developers really put the issue prio 1. And Mario started coding straight away.

What did we get ?:
1. The hook shoot loos option with sound, and not shooting u'r own hook loos
2. Added the vcall_mute "player" option, making it possible to mute spammers. This can also be done with "vdo" if u have the masterpass. The player does not notice he is muted, which is perfect imo as this will exhaust the spammer, as there is no reaction from others. The "mute" can be unmuted with vcall unmute "player".
3. There is a nice alternative hook option, try it "cl_prohook 1 (0 to revert)
4. We have changed the "ban" behind the scene. If someone is banned, using a different IP to log in, will not work anymore.

(see also F8 for some other options, which are currently not active...)


And please understand that "masters" of element, make sure we kick out people misusing/abusing or cheating.

Take care,


RE: LMNT server BACK UP //// - cefiar - 07-26-2016

Great to see the devs/community getting in to help on this. The whole mute/ban thing has always been a bit of a problem.