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Diabotical - Smilecythe - 07-31-2016

So, since there's been a thread for Overwatch, Quakechamps, Doom and Reflex - here's one for Diabotical discussion, first impressions and cynical opinions.

Check their kickstarter page out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/84288219/diabotical-by-the-gd-studio

My own first impression is that the combat looks a bit like Xonotic. Fast weapon combos and lots of vertical action. Apparently it wont be for Linux though, which is a bummer again.

RE: Diabotical - end user - 07-31-2016

Steam and Windows = Fail.

RE: Diabotical - Beemann - 07-31-2016

God the audio on that video is awful. Hope they don't have stale memes peppered throughout the actual game
Editor looks good though, and the game seems to be in a much better state than it was when I played it (which was admittedly just the minecraftblocks era)
Hopefully they beef up the movement though. Looks a bit floaty

RE: Diabotical - Beagle - 07-31-2016

No Tux = No Bux.

RE: Diabotical - SPLAT - 07-31-2016

I was impressed when I first saw the trailer. I had not followed 2GD or the diabotical seen at all. Although, its obvious its just another Quake 3 clone with slight variations (my favorite). I'm sure ill buy it but I doubt ill get hooked and have the same amount of fun like I had in Xonotic. A few players may flock but once the new Quake comes out they'll just flock again to another Arena FPS.

RE: Diabotical - Smilecythe - 08-13-2016

Some kickstarter updates: https://www.twitch.tv/2gd/v/83162384

Skip to 6:00 if you don't care for James' shtick.