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NEW zoom in feature - rainerzufalldererste - 06-26-2010

I think we should change the zoom in feature a bit:
for nex, rifle, hlac it seems to be ok but for the others i suggest changing it to the following:
the weapon is hold highter the before and in the middle.
[Image: nexuiz000010.th.jpg]
i tried to show it...

RE: NEW zoom in feature - Roanoke - 06-26-2010

bind shift "fov 30"
bind z "fov 130"

I don't enjoy things cluttering up my screen when I am zooming. Also, fov zooming (a rudimentary example is above) basically makes it difficult to determine when one is zooming.

RE: NEW zoom in feature - Mirio - 06-26-2010

I want to see more if I zoom and not to get something that covers the screen. Tongue

RE: NEW zoom in feature - theShadow - 06-28-2010

what you are taking about is called iron sights, and is usually done for more realistic games like call of duty. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing that in xonotic, but only if it is done correctly, and at the moment, that is impossible, because of the way weapon positions are defined.

RE: NEW zoom in feature - Lee_Stricklin - 06-28-2010

Basically do an iron sites style zoom? It would look cool but all the competitive players would hate it.

RE: NEW zoom in feature - Beagle - 02-05-2016

Strange how nex zoom is different than the weapon model.