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Stuttery/Choppy Demo Playback - Iokast - 08-17-2016

Hey, whenever I record demos, the playback always seems choppy especially whenever I move my mouse. Wasn't getting performance issues at all while playing.

Video Recording of actual play:

Video Recording of demo:


So the question is, what's going wrong? I'd like to have my demos recorded smoothly.
I know its a thing for forums to ignore some questions, but is this something no one knows why or something else?

Edit 2:
It'd be nice to have some feedback about what's wrong with my question. If anything I'm using 0.8.1 and I'm on a local game (Multiplayer > Create). I'd really love to have demos of my personal bests and each time I beat my own record, but the stuttery frames especially whenever I move my mouse is really unpresentable.

RE: Stuttery/Choppy Demo Playback - Smilecythe - 08-23-2016

I've noticed stuttering in my demos as well, but it doesn't happen locally. Only on some servers and not even always anyway. Some of my XDWC16 demos are stuttering and some are not, no idea why.

Try doing the same thing on different multiplayer servers. First actual play, then demo.

Additionally. Instead of directly recording with an external app, you can also try exporting the demo into an avi with following commands:

cl_capturevideo_ogg 0 (1 exports to .ogv and 0 exports to .avi)
cl_capturevideo_fps 60 (frame rate - whatever you prefer)
cl_capturevideo 1/0 (on/off - these should be bound to keys)

Output folder is usually \xonotic\data\video

It exports the demo into an avi one frame at a time. It will look laggy and slow when the demo is running, but that's normal.