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dm_jungo - Z(Rus) - 09-20-2016

map was made for the competition The "Jungle Wars" Mapping Contest, but unfortunately I did not manage to finish it on time Smile

crashed small cargo ship in jungle

using free models and textures from Nobiax


[Image: 530-90_57dfd28af009f.jpg]

[Image: 100-90_57dfd28816640.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57dfd28353a9c.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57dfd286737f7.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57dfd2851ab23.jpg] [Image: 100-90_57dfd261bb31d.jpg]

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Smilecythe - 09-21-2016

I'm really digging those rocks.

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Z(Rus) - 09-21-2016

you can download map http://gamebanana.com/maps/192330

but i need some feedback about items place

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Mario - 09-21-2016

Nice work, glad to see some much needed nature in Xonotic!
The map looks a bit large scaled, but moving around on it feels pretty smooth, so it's probably fine.

Here's a Mariosized (13.7MB) copy for servers: http://dl.xonotic.co/dm_jungo_b1.pk3

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Beagle - 09-22-2016

Nice map, nothing really needs to be changed. Like how it's a nature map in Xonotic ;).
I'd like to see more maps like this one, this map is my favorite now due to the originality and nature it has.

And Mario, how do you always shrink file sizes? But anyways. I found a spot you might wanna patch up.

[Image: d874c1ca64f0411b8b1103db860fcdf5.jpg]

It happens at this location.

[Image: 8aff7dda3e4a4ca8ae2154de2a3006bf.jpg]

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Z(Rus) - 09-22-2016

ok will fix it, and i will fix some another bugs that I found myself

maybe somebody knows what could be the reason when I turn brush in detail he disappears in the editor, but when compiling everything is all right

[Image: iaKREcOM.png]
[Image: iaKREcOL.png]

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - -z- - 09-25-2016

Very nice job with the foliage!

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - Z(Rus) - 09-28-2016

http://gamebanana.com/maps/192330 fixed, final version have name dm_jungo

fix clip elements and add minimap

RE: [WIP]dm_jungo - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-28-2016

Awesome, Z(Rus)!

1. Perhaps change the title and remove "[WIP]"?

2. I made a smaller file (9M) for servers. Perhaps Mario/Z can put it on xonotic.co? I'm also hosting it in BuddyFriendGuy Fun server.

RE: dm_jungo - Z(Rus) - 09-29-2016

if you want I can put high-resolution textures for client Smile

RE: dm_jungo - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-29-2016

(09-29-2016, 12:50 AM)Z(Rus) Wrote: if you want I can put high-resolution textures for client Smile

I wonder whether having different files for the same map would cause consistency problem in the long run.

Also, I thought your original file was hi-res already? No?

RE: dm_jungo - kaadmy - 09-29-2016

You can toggle hiding detail brushes in Radiant by pressing Ctrl+D
Map looks really good Smile