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RE: Mapping tutorials - RedGuff - 12-26-2011

I've read some tutorials from the wiki, in English.
I want to make another link in the wiki, for the French translation I've promised, but I can't.
How can I do it, please ?

RE: Mapping tutorials - Mr. Bougo - 12-27-2011

I think your account needs to be set up as contributor. In any case, you don't seem to have an account. Send me a PM when you've signed up Wink

RE: Mapping tutorials - Debugger - 04-01-2012

I found a quite interesting level designing guide:


Basically, the guide is for Halo (I guess) but I think there are a few points to be considered by xonotic mappers as well.

RE: Mapping tutorials - Maddin - 04-01-2012

It´s a really good one! Thanks! Doesn´t really matter whether it´s for Halo or anything else, level-design is level-design. Wink

RE: Mapping tutorials - Maddin - 05-16-2012

I recorded a video of how to create md3 models with Blender 2.62 and Mr. Wonko´s md3 exporter:

Download video! 8.6Mb

If you got questions contact me! Smile

The custom parameter I entered has the following values:
Property Name: md3shader
Property Value: textures/yourfolder/yourshader

RE: Mapping tutorials - Mr. Bougo - 05-16-2012

Why compress it in a rar file? That's not very convenient for buffering, and video is already compressed :X

(I'm not being nitpicky for the sake of it, I'm just trying to be informative on best practices when I can Wink)

RE: Mapping tutorials - Maddin - 05-16-2012

Big Grin

The answer is simple: to make the download as small as possible. I doubt people like to download 5 Gb of tutorial videos.

And rar doesn´t make the video lose any quality. You just have to decompress it! Wink

RE: Mapping tutorials - Mr. Bougo - 05-16-2012

Wait, the uncompressed video is 5 Gb? Not very convenient :X

Unless you want it to be pixel-perfect, you should encode the video Tongue

RE: Mapping tutorials - Maddin - 05-16-2012

... useless discussion.

RE: Mapping tutorials - hutty - 05-16-2012

ok ... I tried the tutorial ... but after a couple on unsuccessful attempts ... I'm still getting the "shader not found" in radiant ... I cant figure out what I am doing wrong ... I will try to make a video of what I did tomorrow...

RE: Mapping tutorials - Maddin - 05-17-2012

Be sure you did the following points:
- Apply ONE material for EACH OBJECT! You can´t use different materials in one object!
- After applying the texture you should unwrap it! Before doing this choose the texture in the UV/image editor!
- Now the most important part: add a custom property to the object and name it "md3shader". For the value choose the shader path (not the texture path!!!). E.g. "textures/exx/base-metal01"
- When you export the objects be sure you are in object mode and have selected the objects!

RE: Mapping tutorials - hutty - 05-17-2012

it was the md3shader path ... I missed the word "textures" in the front of its path .... It works now ...

thanks so much Big Grin

+1 for you

ps ... Big Grin

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RE: Mapping tutorials - rocknroll237 - 09-29-2012

Would this count?


RE: Mapping tutorials - darkhog - 09-05-2015

There's also this thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m590kyrHsX4&list=PL0DDC60C4E3A6CC64&index=1 - though it has couple differences in netradiant presented, for example surface inspector doesn't have all those flags.