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xreal engine? - ugluck - 06-29-2010

Hello, I'm sure this option is now impossible and probably too late to propose. DarkPlaces engine is perhaps a bit limited. I wanted to know if they consider adopting xreal engine, which is more advanced.

I am no programmer so I do not understand the technical issues generated, but Progress can pose a serious engine change?


RE: xreal engine? - Roanoke - 06-29-2010

Changing engines is far too difficult and far too late.

RE: xreal engine? - Cortez666 - 06-29-2010

it would throw the development back.

i think it would be better to cross it, so that you can optimize it for xonotic. One of the biggest weaknesses of the DP engine is the limited amout of poly which can be used. the xreal engine works better in this part.

RE: xreal engine? - FruitieX - 06-29-2010

Someone make qc work in Xreal, then there's maybe a tiny little bit of a slight chance of that happening :-P