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Old Xonotic Video - kojn^ - 09-27-2016

Back when weapons were an overpowered joy to use (except Nexgun Sad), wild setting's and electro combo's! Headshot's also Cool

I think the clips are from 2010.

Xonotic had Lightning Gun back in 2010 Wink 6 years later and not still in fully Huh

When LG was cool to use and lag you like mad Big Grin (see video).

Just an old video I found on my file under mkzelda's storage (Heart mkzelda).

All frags by me...and someone else like Mirio (Freezetag part??)


RE: Old Xonotic Video - BuddyFriendGuy - 09-27-2016

The Lightning Gun looks like a fun weapon, but doesn't it feel similar to ARC?

How did those series of rockets follow the enemy? (video 4:14) Was it a different weapon?

RE: Old Xonotic Video - kojn^ - 09-28-2016

It was just a straight beam, and it did more damage I believe. There was a bug or issue when you used it that it made you lag like mad Big Grin.

The rockets are from the 'Seeker' weapon. You fire a tracer and if it hits the opponent then it fires a series of mini rockets which is what you saw Smile

You will also notice you could explode the electro balls with it to make a powerful combo blast.

RE: Old Xonotic Video - PinkRobot - 09-28-2016

Good times!

RE: Old Xonotic Video - kojn^ - 09-28-2016

That is brilliant haha Big Grin