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Xonotic Fragmovie - thearcoN fragshow 1 - thearcoN - 07-20-2016

Hey folks!

I have had some time available recently so I gathered some of my frags during the last 3 months. I lost over 2000 demos by a computer-crash for some months ago so this is what I could find!

The movie is barely edited so the material is pretty much what I see on my screen. Yes, it is because I am so bad at editing. :-)

Anyway, enjoy!

RE: Xonotic: Movie collection - Halogene - 07-20-2016

Good stuff, I especially like the one at 1:40. But there are really a lot of nice prediction shots and curved rockets. Good work!

RE: Xonotic: Movie collection - thearcoN - 07-20-2016

tyty Halogene :-)

RE: Xonotic: Movie collection - Ch4mp - 07-20-2016

filed of view should be disabled, cheater Big Grin then you frag if you can see everything.

nice video, il also create my fragmovie.