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Host custom maps on Google Drive - sgtsob - 10-24-2016

Hi, I was just seeing if it was possible to host custom maps Google Drive? I made my data directory public but when I add the address to my server.cfg it's https not http. Thanks!

RE: Host custom maps on Google Drive - It'sMe - 10-24-2016

Downloading custom pk3 files using https protokoll does not work Sad

But there seems to be support for https...


RE: Host custom maps on Google Drive - cefiar - 10-24-2016

libcurl supports TLS/SSL (ie: https:// urls) but not sure about how well that works in Darkplaces.

However, having used curl to download files from a lot of things (deploying files all over the place), the issue might be that the link you're using isn't the final canonical link to the file, but is a redirect. I don't know how well Darkplaces supports redirects (if at all).

If you have a copy of curl, you can try this yourself in a command prompt using the links you've got.

curl -O https://your.link.goes/here/whatever.pk3

If that doesn't work, try:
curl -O -J -L https://your.link.goes/here/whatever.pk3

If the first one doesn't work but the second does, the link is a redirect link.

FWIW: Dropbox uses redirect links when you select 'Download' and get a link that ends in "?dl=0" (which actually makes it open a view window). You can improve that by changing it to "?raw=1"
on the end, but it still does a redirect.

RE: Host custom maps on Google Drive - sgtsob - 10-27-2016

Thank you for the info guys..... I think I'm going to host the maps on my web host.