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Remove OS-specific files - ljc - 11-12-2016

I want to remove all the Windows and macOS executables and libraries that won't be used on my system. Which ones can be safely deleted?

Also, it would be useful to provide separate download packages for each platform in the first place.

RE: Remove OS-specific files - Mario - 11-12-2016

A launcher is in the works, but for now, you can run the OS-specific update-to-release file in misc/tools/rsync-updater.
This will not only remove the other OS-specific files, but also bring you up to date with the current release.

I should warn though; It'll delete anything custom in the Xonotic program folder (not that anything should be there, it's preferred to use the user directory where config.cfg is kept, which is ~/.xonotic/data on Linux).
If you are using the program directory for isolation reasons, then anything ending with .dll, .exe or .app is safe to be removed. The bin32/bin64 folders are also Windows specific.