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CTS Start/Checkpoint/Finish - Antares* - 11-23-2016

I decided to try mapping and I made my first room.
What better to slap the start and end triggers, and call it a strafe map for XDF.

I was following this guide quite fine until the targets/triggers part, which xonotic's would be different.

I checked here
And the last edit is 2 years ago with most of the linked pages that seem relevant empty.

what do for CTS start/checkpoint/end?
pic related its noobmapper-strafe1.bsp


I tried this


and it isn't really right. Passing "start" turns it to finish, and I can't stop killing myself when I just go back and forth past the "start" closest to spawn.

RE: CTS Start/Checkpoint/Finish - PinkRobot - 11-23-2016

There is a mapping.txt file in the /Docs folder of your Xonotic install. Section V of that file should contain all the information you need to add the needed entities I think.

RE: CTS Start/Checkpoint/Finish - Freddy - 11-23-2016

My first guess is that you didn't set the entity properties (default keybind: "N") for the "finish" trigger properly. Try to check the "finish" checkbox and set the "cnt" field to <number of checkpoints>-1 (start needs to have "cnt" set to 0)

RE: CTS Start/Checkpoint/Finish - Antares* - 11-25-2016

Yeah that was the issue.
(both answers helped, thanks)