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[MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Cuinnton - 07-12-2010


Remake of dm_castle aimed to be included in Xonotic's initial release. Uses only textures from ex, trak4 and trak5 with some models.

Please note you shot the button in the control room to open the doors for 10 seconds. This will be made more clear later on. The idea of this is to expose the base to be less easily defended which add some interesting game-play.

What I want to know from testing:
-is the layout good enough
-is weapon placement good, with strongest weapons scarce?
-any other bugs
-I know many will complain about fps but tell me what u want to do to improve this, I have already removed many details to help

What is left to be done:
-better lighting
-add sign telling player to shot button to open doors
-a full compile with vis, for what ever reasons my computer can never do this
-refine layout
-remove sticking points
-doors kill when closed on player
-fix some details
-add hint brushs (don't know how they work yetTongue)
-add 3d skybox details

Download: http://omploader.org/vNHdudw

[Image: o53eap7qn028t0z13e28_thumb.jpg][Image: bkv768up2gzu3d50lorr_thumb.jpg][Image: mrua6515cottlukyz5k_thumb.jpg][Image: dj2xgxgq7yaf50vwijx_thumb.jpg][Image: wcz6bxj1wp7w4cbs4l8b_thumb.jpg]

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Hew - 07-12-2010

Epic map now on Xonotic Australia servers.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - FruitieX - 07-12-2010

I think this thread lacks posts because people lack the ability to describe the awesomeness. :X

Great job as always Cuinnton! Looking forward to CTF epicness on this map Smile

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - kojn^ - 07-12-2010

I get a UT feel from these latest CTF maps, probably because there quite nice looking and a bit scifi'ey Smile

Good work, will download this one now Smile

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - MintOX - 07-12-2010

Whoa, nice looking map! Smile

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Roanoke - 07-12-2010

Screenshots look interesting. I don't like all the dirtyness and decay, but that's my personal opinion (the only thing about xonotic style that everyone can agree on is that it is "futuristic").

I'll play it when I get a chance and post some remarks.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - clanclanclan - 07-13-2010

The pipes make it look like Google HQ Big Grin

Looks great, I'll have to try it on the XA servers later Smile

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Slup - 07-13-2010

nice map
i will try it when i get home :o

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - kojn^ - 07-13-2010

I will go over it tonight, want to make sure there is not too many items/health etc over the map, I prefer a item layout/amount like on Implosion and I think it is better.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Roanoke - 07-13-2010

Very impressive map.

Add music?
Make text like this less saturated.
[Image: dt-1212790622839.png]
I do not think there is enough ammo.
You should add a health mega (if one does not exist)
Perhaps play an "AWOOOGA" sound when the doors open (and perhaps keep them open longer?)
Players can hold doors open - they should be crushed, I think.
Remove screenshot of nexuiz website.
[Image: dt-2127906228215.png]
Need some better caulking here.
[Image: dt-912790622821.png]

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Cuinnton - 07-14-2010

Ok thanks for your input Roanoke.
Testing on the Xontoic Australia Server it seems that the layout could do with some shirking. There are currently to many spots for the flag carrier to hide making it quite easy for a stalemate every attempted capture, although it seems camping at the flag is quite difficult due to low amount of health and items.

Please give me your feedback so I can make a better level!!!

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Cortez666 - 07-16-2010



RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - FruitieX - 07-16-2010

(07-16-2010, 12:10 PM)Cortez666 Wrote: NO!


* FruitieX slaps Cortez666
Knock it off already, it's almost a completely different map now. Didn't you previously complain about the easily accessible flag? It's not very easily accessible anymore. What's wrong now? Did you even try the map before trolling?

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Roanoke - 07-16-2010

I agree with fruitiex. If you don't like it, Cortez, you don't have to play it. It's a very well designed map, and the concept is innovative.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - SavageX - 07-17-2010

I like this map, but it's slow. Your TODO items lists "-a full compile with vis, for what ever reasons my computer can never do this" and there's a clear reason why your computer (and possibly every other computer) cannot do it:

[Image: h4wpjll36me5vy1s4k_thumb.jpg]

You apparently don't use detail brushes. By default brushes will be structural brushes, and every face of a structural brush will divide the space around it. Think of it as dividing a cake. I like cake.

When doing vis every slice of cake will be tested for visibility with (oversimplification) every other slice of cake in the map, so that when you're standing within a slice of cake only the other visible slices will be rendererd. However, if you have too many slices your vis will take like forever.

The solution is to mark brushes which cannot hide whole rooms behind them as detail brushes (in NetRadiant go into the "Brush" menu, use "Make detail"). Detail brushes won't create new cake slices (however, they won't seal against leaking). Those grates in the screenshot, and basically every other detail like light fixtures etc., should be detail brushes as they won't hide anything. Only the basic walls of rooms should be structural.

This will make sure you don't blow up your map into a bazillion slices of cake. Cake. Hmmm..... cake.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Roanoke - 07-18-2010

Oh, and also if you get a chance you should add ONS and DOM support Tongue

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Cuinnton - 07-18-2010

ill see what i can do Smile

as for detail brushes ill see what I can do, but from previous experiences once you have a certain amount of brushes in your level vis doesn't seem to work. But ill try adding all detail brushes i can and see what happens, thanks for your comments. Big Grin

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - FruitieX - 07-24-2010

BTW, after releasing next version, ok with me committing to git?
You should really get a git clone, and request write permission so you can keep the latest .map accessible by all (and it's then also autocompiled for everyone) Big Grin

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Bundy - 09-16-2010

Very eyecandy and great layout (it just feels smooth to move around, good mapsize overall). The only downside were huge fps drops.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - divVerent - 09-29-2010

This map looks quite good, and I would like to add it. I see that you want to make a new version of it... so I'll wait for that.

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - Dokujisan - 04-29-2011


Is this map gonna get fixed?

RE: [MAP] condenser_v1r1 - chooksta - 04-29-2011

and when do you want one of my crap tunes to be on it?

ill pay you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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