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2016 by the numbers - Antibody - 01-17-2017

A couple of visualizations of last year's activity, assembled via the Pandas and Matplotlib libraries from Python.

Blog post: http://xonotic.org/posts/2017/2016-by-the-numbers/

Repo: https://github.com/antzucaro/xonotic-by-the-numbers

RE: 2016 by the numbers - dekrY - 01-18-2017

not too shabby at all! Impressive even Smile
But yes, I remember that summer hibernation Big Grin
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RE: 2016 by the numbers - Lee_Stricklin - 01-18-2017

Excellent work! One of the reasons as to why I hardly play this anymore was not knowing off the top of my head when the best time to get online was.

RE: 2016 by the numbers - Mirio - 01-18-2017

But need to make Crylink #1 in 2017!

RE: 2016 by the numbers - Morphed - 01-21-2017

Brilliant work Antibody. It was very interesting read. I wish we had even more detailed statistics to the point of knowing if someone is using crylink when he also have devastator and vortex or only if he doesn't have these weapons. Heat maps for maps would help a lot with level design. I guess that community wouldn't like that because it feels like spying, personally I'm fine with that if data is available to every one and no one is excluded from spying Smile

RE: 2016 by the numbers - Antibody - 01-22-2017

Morphed - heat maps for maps would be amazing! There are so many uses for that kind of data.