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[CA] Spleef - Mario - 01-24-2017

After years of procrastination, I present to you Spleef arena:
[Image: FSaSOS7l.jpg]

[Image: CHrzLnEl.jpg]

A Clan Arena map, yay!
Defaults to 2 teams, but can work with 4 teams too.


RE: [CA] Spleef - kwakkiezalf - 01-24-2017

Looks nice Mario,

I'll give it a try and maybe put it on server.

The roof looks familiar


RE: [CA] Spleef - BuddyFriendGuy - 02-16-2017

Bravo! I had a lot of fun playing this silly map.

About the scoring -- if the enemy falls on their own, shouldn't they get a negative score or me get a positive score? Or is that taken care of by the enemy team losing one member?