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Xonotic World Cup Series Major #1 Demo thread - Islinn - 01-24-2017

Soooooo, as always after a cup, this is a thread where you can upload your demos from the World Cup Series Major #1 played last weekend.

Copying this from Smilecythe's thread for the previous world cup:
The purpose of this thread is to collect these demos in case someone in the future wants to make a highlight video of the world cup or any kind of fragmovie that's short of material.

For the sake of easier management, rename the demos according to the sample below:


If you played the same opponent twice (first in winner bracket and then loser bracket) add (2) at the end of the demo name if it was a lower bracket game. As follows:


Just send me the demos through a link you can drop at my IRC (Islinn) or Discord (Islinn aswell). Please just organise and place them in a .zip file, so I don't have to go through the hassle to do that for you. Big Grin

- Islinn

Also if there are missing demos of some games, and anybody recorded the pov's of the players from that match in spec view, please do send them in! Smile

Thank you in advance.