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Bots get stuck - Lyberta - 02-27-2017


RE: Bots get stuck - martin-t - 02-27-2017

Terencehill made lots of fixes to the bot code in latest git but without proper waypoints they'll still get stuck, not much can be done about that. They need direct line of sight to at least one waypoint. It seems that items also act as waypoints so with them enabled there is less chance of getting stuck. If you wanna see where the problem is, try g_waypointeditor 1 and restart map (not sure if it works on a server, locally for sure). A lot of maps don't have waypoints at all and those that have them might have them badly placed so there are still blind spots.

RE: Bots get stuck - martin-t - 02-27-2017

Well, maybe the waypoints just suck. Nothing stopping you from improving them. We also found out that in ctf bot behavior is heavily affected by minor changes in the waypoints - place them a bit too far apart and they refuse to attack the flag.

Btw, if you're developing a custom mod or something, base it on current git, not 0.8.1. There were *massive* changes in the codebase since then to make it more sane and maintainable.