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[DM] Elevator - Mario - 03-05-2017

This isn't so much a real map, as just a test of the train's new targeting ability. Decided to release it anyway as a fancy example of functional elevators...

[Image: mMhp4tfl.jpg]

Download: http://dl.xonotic.co/elevator_v1r1.pk3

Requires 0.8.2 or newer, can also be played on the (SMB) Kansas Public server.

RE: [DM] Elevator - Notavi - 08-07-2018

Out of curiosity, is the map file available somewhere?
It might be cool to have a git repository full of the test maps you use to test entity behaviour - they can double as illustrations for mappers on how to use the entities.

RE: [DM] Elevator - martin-t - 08-07-2018

Most maps are on xonotic.co. This one seems to be there too. You can use dl.xonotic.co for faster loading time if you don't want the filtering features.

RE: [DM] Elevator - Notavi - 08-08-2018

I meant the .map file Smile
Anything where the developers are testing out new entities / logic is worth a looksie to see if the rest of us can use it.

RE: [DM] Elevator - martin-t - 08-08-2018

For this map the .map is inside thr pk3. Most mappers include it because they know people will need it to make fixes or improvements but some are secretive about it.

RE: [DM] Elevator - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-18-2018

I had a lot of fun playing this one. It calls for a very different strategy when your enemy can hurt you from their ceiling.