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Damagetext size - martin-t - 03-06-2017

After discussing this a bit on IRC, we can't agree what the default size should be. This is something players will see a lot so I think we should try to get this right. Please, get the latest git/autobuild, make sure you're using the defaults (for example with 'apropos cl_damagetext') and let us know what you think.

For the record, I think that especially the minimum is too small and unreadable which looks too unpolished for Xon's standards and that the defaults should suit as many people as possible. If it turns out the majority likes the current values, I promise i will shut up about it Wink

I like graphs, so....

[Image: T7jwcRm.png]

AB is my original code
AC is Mario's suggestion
AD (the current value) is our compromise (which I apparently didn't think through)
EF is an example of what I think might be reasonable just to show that I only want a tiny change and not something huge

Note that the damage players will do most often is between 0 and 80 so the larger values are only for quad or other special cases.

RE: Damagetext size - Lyberta - 03-06-2017

I'm pretty sure I didn't modify any of the variables and damage text is barely visible.

RE: Damagetext size - Mirio - 03-06-2017

Could not we include an image to the menu that previews the damagetext size if you adjust the slider? It's kind of hard to tell which number is small or large without testing this in game - especially as new player.
We have this for crosshair size already after all.

RE: Damagetext size - martin-t - 03-06-2017

That's a good idea but will most likely not make it into the release since we're in code freeze already. I'll keep it in mind for when I have time to play with it again.

RE: Damagetext size - Mario - 03-06-2017

For reference, the default size for the past year and a half has been 8.

Personally, I believe the maximum possible size (16 currently) should only be displayed for such special hits that deal more than your average shot from easily accessible weapons.
The main gripe here is that some suddenly believe 8 is completely unreadable... Which is fine for very weak shots IMO. One doesn't need their screen covered by edge shots with the arc or shotgun.

While a larger maximum wouldn't hurt too much, we should be careful not to make this feature an obscuring annoyance to players, especially given the spammy nature of it.

RE: Damagetext size - Lightbringer - 03-06-2017

I liked the old default size which did not change with the amount of damage dealt.

RE: Damagetext size - martin-t - 03-06-2017

Just to clarify: anything smaller than min_damage will use the minimum size, anything larger than max_damage will use the max size - it doesn't continue scaling indefinitely but is bounded by those sizes.

RE: Damagetext size - martin-t - 03-07-2017

After some more discussion on IRC, we changed the defaults to min size 10, min damage 25, max size 16, max damage 140 which corresponds with the EF line on my graph which seems like a reasonable compromise to me. As there wasn't much interest in this on the forums anyway (more people expressed their opinions on IRC but few actually voted here), I'd consider this matter closed.