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How to submit a bug report - martin-t - 12-28-2016

Before you submit a bug report, please read through this quick guide to make sure you're submitting it in the most helpful manner possible.
  1. Try to get other players to reproduce the bug - it might be an issue with your system; in that case, ask for help on IRC or the troubleshooting forum.
  2. Try different servers - some servers run older versions while the bug has already been fixed in recent ones.
  3. Try a different server after restarting Xonotic.
  4. Try googling your issue, it might already be known.
  5. Look for your issue here.
  6. If nothing helps, register an account and create a new issue.
When submitting the bug, be as clear as possible. Don't forget:
  • Your Xonotic version number
  • Version number or at least name of the server
  • Your OS version
  • Graphics card model (if there is any chance it's related)
  • Steps you went through to reproduce the problem
Thank you for submitting bug reports to us.
We appreciate you trying to help us improve Xonotic.