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Some map props! (Version 1) - Mario - 04-08-2017

One thing that has always been apparent is the lack of props for mappers. I hope to solve that partially here by releasing these assets to everyone.

[Image: ayXGBr5l.jpg]
[Image: wflPQmHl.jpg]

I can't take all the credit though; We should all give a huge thanks to Nobiax for providing all this amazing art under an open license for all of us to share!

Without further ado, here's the download links for v1:

More may be added in the future, but it feels like a good time to provide these now, with a new release and new potential mappers arriving.

RE: Some map props! (Version 1) - -z- - 04-08-2017

Great job getting all those FOSS resources working in Xonotic, ready for mappers to use.  I have a feeling my next defrag map might contain some vegetation.

RE: Some map props! (Version 1) - SPLAT - 04-10-2017

I need a map full of marijuana plants asap

RE: Some map props! (Version 1) - poVoq - 04-15-2017

Very nice work, but the hesco boxes seem to be scaled a bit too small, see:
Also: did you optimize or select the meshes according to polycounts? As much as Nobiax does nice 3D props, many of them are quite unoptimized and or use excessive polygons for a fast game like Xonotic.

RE: Some map props! (Version 1) - Mario - 04-15-2017

The hesco boxes were scaled to what looks nice in-game, basically; I didn't use any real life references on that part. Mappers are of course free to resize them as needed via NetRadiant (or direct model editing if they so wish).

I didn't optimize these or select them specifically for their poly count, that may be something for someone with more Blender experience to look into for a potential version 2 package...