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grenade type switching - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-12-2017

(Not sure how "official" this should be...)
Can somebody share their key bind of the grenade type switching?

RE: grenade type switching - Space Ace - 08-12-2017

I didn't know you could do a keybind to switch grenade types. Sounds like something someone would do to be even more annoying than usual, ha ha.  All I know is you hit F8 while in a game that allows grenades and the grenade type settings are in there along with some other settings.

RE: grenade type switching - Mario - 08-13-2017

Here's one approach that includes all of them on a single bind:

bind X "toggle cl_nade_type 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8; show_message; sendcvar cl_nade_type"

alias show_message "nade_message_${cl_nade_type}"

alias nade_message_1 "cprint ^7Normal^7!"
alias nade_message_2 "cprint ^1Napalm^7!"
alias nade_message_3 "cprint ^4Nitro^7!"
alias nade_message_4 "cprint ^6Translocate^7!"
alias nade_message_5 "cprint ^3Spawn^7!"
alias nade_message_6 "cprint ^5Heal^7!"
alias nade_message_7 "cprint ^2Pokenade^7!"
alias nade_message_8 "cprint ^9Entrap^7!"

Alternatively, a single bind could look like this:

bind X "setreport cl_nade_type 3; cprint ^4Nitro^7!"

There is also a trick that could put them on the number keys temporarily and switch back to weapons after use, but that would take a lot more setup, and I'm not sure if it would be viable for gameplay.

RE: grenade type switching - -z- - 08-13-2017

(08-13-2017, 05:50 AM)Lyberta Wrote: Is this in master? I thought different grenades are only on the Jeff server.


~/xonotic/xonotic (master=)% grep "case NADE_TYPE" **/*.qc
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_NAPALM:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_ICE:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_TRANSLOCATE:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_MONSTER:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_SPAWN:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_HEAL:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_ENTRAP:
data/xonotic-data.pk3dir/qcsrc/common/mutators/mutator/nades/nades.qc: case NADE_TYPE_NORMAL:

RE: grenade type switching - BuddyFriendGuy - 08-16-2017

Thanks, @Mario.
-z-, your username is "xonotic"? lol

RE: grenade type switching - BuddyFriendGuy - 02-27-2020

I asked @Arch_[guh-noo+linox] about his bind, while forgetting that I actually had this in my keybind already but never got used to use it. Anyway, Arch's bind is slightly different and useful:
# offensive (fire, ice, teleport, and monster):
toggle cl_nade_type 2 3 4 7; sendcvar cl_nade_type

# defensive (healing, spawn, slowmo, and veil)
toggle cl_nade_type 6 5 8 9; sendcvar cl_nade_type

Some extra stuff he shared with me, although unrelated to nades:

# adjust zoom
bind MWHEELUP "toggle cl_zoomfactor 10 8 6 4 3.9 3.8 3.7 3.6 3.5 3.4 3.3 3.2
bind MWHEELDOWN "toggle cl_zoomfactor 4 6 8 10 10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4 10.5 10.6 10.7 10.8"
I've been using fov instead. Not sure how they differ.

# in-game private message helper (shows player ID number)
bind APOSTROPHE "status 2; commandmode tell"

RE: grenade type switching - Space Ace - 06-12-2021

xonotic granade
nade-type keyboard shortcuts
[Image: jaNiFtx.png]

In settings > input
choose an empty userbind## > Change Key > choose a key for your new shortcut.
For example, choose the letter 'n' for Napalm-Nade.
Choose Edit, to edit your new keybind shortcut.
Type in a Name such as Napalm Nade
Then in the Command When Pressed line put:
  setreport cl_nade_type 2
> Save

That's it.

To change your Monster Nade to different kinds of Monsters, you will need additional shortcut keys for that, as per below.

setreport cl_nade_type 1 = Normal

setreport cl_nade_type 2 = Napalm

setreport cl_nade_type 3 = Nitro

setreport cl_nade_type 4 = Translocate

setreport cl_nade_type 5 = Spawn

setreport cl_nade_type 6 = Healing

setreport cl_nade_type 7 = Pokenade

setreport cl_nade_type 8 = Entrap

setreport cl_nade_type 9 = veil

Change Monster Pokenade to different Monsters:

cl_pokenade_type anyrandom

cl_pokenade_type zombie

cl_pokenade_type spider

cl_pokenade_type shambler

cl_pokenade_type mage

cl_pokenade_type enforcer

cl_pokenade_type ogre

cl_pokenade_type afrit

cl_pokenade_type creeper

cl_pokenade_type scrag

cl_pokenade_type soldier

cl_pokenade_type demon

RE: grenade type switching - rochr4 - 11-22-2023

I made a 'back / forth scrollable' version based on aliases with colors!
unbind 6
bind 6 nsN
unbind 7
bind 7 snP

alias "nsN ns0"
alias ns0 "cl_nade_type 1;cprint ^xfff1^xfff-^xeee-^xeee-^xdddN^xdddo^xcccr^xcccm^xbbba^xbbbl^xaaa-^xaaa-^x999-^x999-^x888-;alias nsN ns1;alias snP sn10"
alias ns1 "cl_nade_type 2;cprint ^xfff2^xffe-^xfed-^xfec-^xfebN^xfdaa^xfd9p^xfd8a^xfc8l^xfc7m^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias nsN ns2;alias snP sn0"
alias ns2 "cl_nade_type 3;cprint ^xfff3^xeff-^xdff-^xcff-^xbffI^xbffc^xaffe^x9ff-^x8ff-^x7ff-^x6ff-^x5ff-^x4ff-^x4ff-^x3ff-^x2ff-^x1ff-;alias nsN ns3;alias snP sn1"
alias ns3 "cl_nade_type 4;cprint ^xfff4^xfef-^xfdf-^xfcf-^xfbfT^xfafr^xf9fa^xf8fn^xf7fs^xf6fl^xf5fo^xf4fc^xf3fa^xf2ft^xf1fe;alias nsN ns4;alias snP sn2"
alias ns4 "cl_nade_type 5;cprint ^xfff5^xffe-^xffd-^xffc-^xffbS^xffap^xff9a^xff7w^xff6n^xff5-^xff4-^xff3-^xff2-^xff1-;alias nsN ns5;alias snP sn3"
alias ns5 "cl_nade_type 6;cprint ^xfff6^xfee-^xfdd-^xfcc-^xfbbH^xfaae^xf99a^xf88l^xf88-^xf77-^xf66-^xf55-^xf44-^xf33-^xf22-^xf11-;alias nsN ns6;alias snP sn4"
alias ns6 "cl_nade_type 7;cprint ^xfff7^xefe-^xdfd-^xcfc-^xbfbP^xafao^x9f9k^x7f7e^x6f6n^x5f5a^x4f4d^x3f3e^x2f2-^x1f1-;alias nsN ns7;alias snP sn5"
alias ns7 "cl_nade_type 8;cprint ^xfff8^xefe-^xded-^xcec-^xbdbE^xadan^x9c9t^x8c8r^x8c8a^x7b7p^x6b6-^x5a5-^x4a4-^x393-^x292-^x181-;alias nsN ns8;alias snP sn6"
alias ns8 "cl_nade_type 9;cprint ^xfff9^xeee-^xddd-^xccc-^xbbbV^xbbbe^xaaai^x999l^x888-^x777-^x666-^x555-^x444-^x444-^x333-^x222-^x111-;alias nsN ns9;alias snP sn7"
alias ns9 "cl_nade_type 10;cprint ^xfff1^xffe0^xfed-^xfec-^xfebA^xfdam^xfd9m^xfd8o^xfc8-^xfc7-^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias nsN ns10;alias snP sn8"
alias ns10 "cl_nade_type 11;cprint ^xfff1^xfef1^xede-^xece-^xdbdD^xdada^xc9cr^xc8ck^xc8c-^xb7b-^xb6b-^xa5a-^xa4a-^x939-^x929-^x818-;alias nsN ns0;alias snP sn9"

alias "snP sn10"
alias sn10 "cl_nade_type 11;cprint ^xfff1^xfef1^xede-^xece-^xdbdD^xdada^xc9cr^xc8ck^xc8c-^xb7b-^xb6b-^xa5a-^xa4a-^x939-^x929-^x818-;alias snP sn9;alias nsN ns0"
alias sn9 "cl_nade_type 10;cprint ^xfff1^xffe0^xfed-^xfec-^xfebA^xfdam^xfd9m^xfd8o^xfc8-^xfc7-^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias snP sn8;alias nsN ns10"
alias sn8 "cl_nade_type 9;cprint ^xfff9^xeee-^xddd-^xccc-^xbbbV^xbbbe^xaaai^x999l^x888-^x777-^x666-^x555-^x444-^x444-^x333-^x222-^x111-;alias snP sn7;alias nsN ns9"
alias sn7 "cl_nade_type 8;cprint ^xfff8^xefe-^xded-^xcec-^xbdbE^xadan^x9c9t^x8c8r^x8c8a^x7b7p^x6b6-^x5a5-^x4a4-^x393-^x292-^x181-;alias snP sn6;alias nsN ns8"
alias sn6 "cl_nade_type 7;cprint ^xfff7^xefe-^xdfd-^xcfc-^xbfbP^xafao^x9f9k^x7f7e^x6f6n^x5f5a^x4f4d^x3f3e^x2f2-^x1f1-;alias snP sn5;alias nsN ns7"
alias sn5 "cl_nade_type 6;cprint ^xfff6^xfee-^xfdd-^xfcc-^xfbbH^xfaae^xf99a^xf88l^xf88-^xf77-^xf66-^xf55-^xf44-^xf33-^xf22-^xf11-;alias snP sn4;alias nsN ns6"
alias sn4 "cl_nade_type 5;cprint ^xfff5^xffe-^xffd-^xffc-^xffbS^xffap^xff9a^xff7w^xff6n^xff5-^xff4-^xff3-^xff2-^xff1-;alias snP sn3;alias nsN ns5"
alias sn3 "cl_nade_type 4;cprint ^xfff4^xfef-^xfdf-^xfcf-^xfbfT^xfafr^xf9fa^xf8fn^xf7fs^xf6fl^xf5fo^xf4fc^xf3fa^xf2ft^xf1fe;alias snP sn2;alias nsN ns4"
alias sn2 "cl_nade_type 3;cprint ^xfff3^xeff-^xdff-^xcff-^xbffI^xbffc^xaffe^x9ff-^x8ff-^x7ff-^x6ff-^x5ff-^x4ff-^x4ff-^x3ff-^x2ff-^x1ff-;alias snP sn1;alias nsN ns3"
alias sn1 "cl_nade_type 2;cprint ^xfff2^xffe-^xfed-^xfec-^xfebN^xfdaa^xfd9p^xfd8a^xfc8l^xfc7m^xfc6-^xfb5-^xfb4-^xfb3-^xfa2-;alias snP sn0;alias nsN ns2"
alias sn0 "cl_nade_type 1;cprint ^xfff1^xfff-^xeee-^xeee-^xdddN^xdddo^xcccr^xcccm^xbbba^xbbbl^xaaa-^xaaa-^x999-^x999-^x888-;alias snP sn10;alias nsN ns1"