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Server password option - falco - 04-18-2017

I want to set a password for a server, but still have it shown on the server list.
This thread says there is no such option, and I can't see any in server.cfg or the server list. Is this still the case?

RE: Server password option - BuddyFriendGuy - 04-18-2017

There's still no password option. However, to have a hidden server, consider the following.

// sv_public determins the level of server publicity
// 1: advertises this server on the master server (so that players can find it in the server browser);
// 0: allow direct queries only;
// -1: do not respond to direct queries;
// -2: do not allow anyone to connect
sv_public 1
I'm guessing -1 or 0 should be your choice? Can some admin confirm this?
Or if you can also consider setting some firewall rules to only allow your friends to connect.