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[Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - Mirio - 05-08-2017

We like to present our 4th movie (#1 / #2 / #3) - the 2nd one in Xonotic!

gl hf

RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - ramses - 05-08-2017

nice Smile

RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - -z- - 05-08-2017

Yay, congrats on another awesome frag movie!

SPLAT's gonna be upset he was made to look like such a chump with packer's sneakiness Tongue

RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - N1mbus - 05-17-2017

I only saw it now. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning cause the frags didn't look so impressive, but after the intermission you loaded the real stuff! Big Grin
Btw, for the future if you want the announcer to say "airshot" at EVERY midair mortar/rocket (which I really prefer for motivational reasons): "cl_announcer_antispam 0"
Good stuff!

RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - Grunt - 09-09-2017

Very fun frags! Big Grin Big Grin

I hope someday to develop such skills Rolleyes

RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - kwakkiezalf - 09-11-2017

Nice also to see you guys play so many different maps and modes.
When was all this happening?

Keep up the fragging,


RE: [Fragmovie] [BOT] Movie IV - SilenceKiller - 09-11-2017

easy answer kwakkiezalf  it all happend when you was playing instagib