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Warpzone Causing QuakeC Crash - Antares* - 08-27-2017


I made a map a few days ago, and I got the layout and the items all ready except whenever I try to load the map in Xonotic to test it. I get a QuakeC crash report.

The tough thing is, that I actually have 6 warpzones on it, and the crash report isn't giving much detail I can use to narrow down which one is having problems.

In case it helps, I put the map in the attachments except I put .txt at the end so the forum file attachments would accept it.

RE: Warpzone Causing QuakeC Crash - Mario - 08-27-2017

Warpzones need 1 face as common/warpzone and the rest as common/trigger to function properly, that's the general reason for this error.

RE: Warpzone Causing QuakeC Crash - Antares* - 08-27-2017

ok thank you. One of them was missing the warpzone face.