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Random start weapons - Lyberta - 09-23-2017

You can specify weapons which will be randomly given to player during spawn. The code will try to make sure that these weapons are not duplicates. If a player receives a weapon but has no ammo for it, they will be given some ammo.

This feature was merged and is available in git and autobuild.

Server settings

g_random_start_weapons_count 0 "Number of random start weapons that will be given to the player"
g_random_start_weapons "machinegun mortar electro crylink vortex hagar devastator" "Names of potential random start weapons"
g_random_start_shells 15 "How many shells will be given with a shell-based weapon"
g_random_start_bullets 80 "How many bullets will be given with a bullet-based weapon"
g_random_start_rockets 40 "How many rockets will be given with a rocket-based weapon"
g_random_start_cells 30 "How many cells will be given with a cell-based weapon"
g_random_start_plasma 30 "How much plasma will be given with a plasma-based weapon"