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Random items & loot - Lyberta - 10-06-2017


RE: Random items & loot - Beemann - 10-08-2017

Are giant lootsplosions gonna work well for people who already run Xon on a potato? Or is this best left to servers where participants are running on a consistent >60 fps?
Also why random loot? If I'm already winning the match, giving me the chance at  a free mega/50 per frag isn't going to do much to close the gap. I'm absolutely asking this in the context of it being in response to a "casual vanilla balance" post. I mean, it becomes an easier-to-balance thing if you just set things to 100% and 0%, but that somewhat undermines the idea of it being randomized

RE: Random items & loot - Freddy - 10-09-2017

To get loot, you first need to survive a fight. I don't see how this would help newbies. More so, strong players won't need as much item control since they can just frag weaker players and get a bunch of good items from that, making them even stronger. So I don't think that random loot is newbie-friendly.
Random items won't help much either because strong players will just pick up random items while newbies will still happily ignore all pickups and get fragged over and over.

tl;dr: I don't think that this is a good idea for Xonotic.

RE: Random items & loot - Antares* - 10-14-2017

You played this game for 4 years. That's not exactly a new player testimonial.